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Monday, November 4, 2013

Pants up, caps on

Okay okay I know i started my Morning with dicks but seriously, :)
here is a little brain...let's pull our pants up and put on our thinking caps :)
I really liked this video and I think we all.should now , what we can/cant do without a brain. Hell some people seem to go through life as if they never had a brain, Lets see how they do it :).
Watch the video and youll see.
It just goes to show the more we become mentally, the more we become overall.
We can only control our thoughts! As you hear him.say in the video, Its YOU!
Now go do more to.say , YES to your brain, being a dumbass never has its perks!
Im a Fit Phatty
Tiyona, realtruthhurts :)
**this Is not my Video, I do not own any content, just sharing.

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