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Monday, November 4, 2013

Pants up, caps on

Okay okay I know i started my Morning with dicks but seriously, :)
here is a little brain...let's pull our pants up and put on our thinking caps :)
I really liked this video and I think we all.should now , what we can/cant do without a brain. Hell some people seem to go through life as if they never had a brain, Lets see how they do it :).
Watch the video and youll see.
It just goes to show the more we become mentally, the more we become overall.
We can only control our thoughts! As you hear him.say in the video, Its YOU!
Now go do more to.say , YES to your brain, being a dumbass never has its perks!
Im a Fit Phatty
Tiyona, realtruthhurts :)
**this Is not my Video, I do not own any content, just sharing.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

You Throw like a Bitch!

"You Throw like a Bitch!", is what I was thinking tonight, after I had an incident with a Drunk Driving Douche bag tonight.
I was walking, in the street, to go to my car. I was walking backward because I am yelling across the street to someone, so they can hear me.
There is now a car driving straight for me, and Im looking , they move over to the other lane. I see its a guy in the car, He pulls up to me and says, "wwhhaaat?" in his drunk voice, I said , "im wasn't talking to you"
Again, He said "What?",
I said, "im talking to someone else, not you, you can keep driving on."
Guess, he doesn't take it too well when others don't want to talk to him, so he takes an empty Red Bull Can and tosses it at me.
No, he didn't throw it at my face or seriously try to hurt me ( it seems) he just wanted to aggravate me.
Well, I caught the can and in the same motion, I threw it back at him, super hard and the can,
made it back inside as he was driving off and it broke his radio screen and bounced and hit him!
:) You may be asking yourself, why did I throw it back hard if it seems like he wasn't trying to hurt me,  well because that's what needed to happen. No MAN should be tossing or throwing anything at a woman, especially one he don't know and especially my crazy ass. :)
 He got madder than hell and spinned around (u turned) as if he were gonna come back. Well he didn't realize I wasn't by myself, and Michael came out of now where and threw something else at him that hit the car and shattered.
Not sure what it was but all I could do was laugh, because this drunken bully, got more than he expected and his little game of "Womanizing" was coming to an end.
He almost jumped the curb in his attempt to flee.
I really pray and Thank God that I was not in my other state of mind AND that I was not "carrying" at the time. You see, Red Bull might have given him wings, but I was gonna give his ass some holes. I've been to Iraq and back and not about to let some drunk ass be the end of my peace of mind.
I found it hilarious that this "man" thought that he was going to , hit me with a can, and instead he got his car scratched up and his radio and ego broken.
It is such a shame that you have these boy-man beings walking/driving around here and they can't see past what they want or need. Its all about them. It makes me wonder, what type of "woman" reared them and what type of "person" would deal with them in a relationship. Then I got sad, because I realized that that means, somewhere out there, these people are making children that are going to grow up to be self hating, womanizing, drunk driving, douche bags. We are gonna need reenforcements, because the dumbass population is on a rise.
Hey guys, if you like a girl or if you are just not digging the situation, Say so, but don't try to be abusive or attack.
Hitting and name calling of girls is ONLY okay if you are between the ages of like 5 to 12 years old, anyone older doing this just needs to grow the hell up fast.
Don't do this because its wrong and you might get your ass kicked for messing with the wrong woman.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gamer throw back, whoa sis!

Gamer Throw back!

My sister ask me if I remember this game....Hellz yea! Im a big ass game freak and well Lets just say, I wore this game out.
My favorite board was the ok be on the mountain side and you had to get to the top . Yep! Btw this game was out years and years before I saw it. Tehee

Did you play and which character did you use?
see the game Gauntlet